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Stay real, we are REEL DEEL

At Reel Deel Brewery our focus is on producing full flavoured craft beer.

In doing so we want to support our local community in Mayo and promote our Irish heritage.

Brewery process

We take the finest Irish Malted Barley and add hops from all over the world. Small batch beers are created with passion and care. We mix the malt with hot water (mash in) allowing enzymes to convert some of the starch in the malt into sugars. This creates a sugary malty liquid called wort. The wort is then boiled for an hour or so. During the boil, hops are added at different stages to add to the flavour and aroma of the beer.

Barrel aging

We often get some just emptied Whiskey casks from our friends at Connaught Whiskey in Ballina and age a beer for a while in them. The results are always wonderful.

Beer Packaging

We package mainly in Glass bottle and Stainless steel keg. Occasionally it is necessary to use plastic recyleable kegs and we will be using cans.

The name

Reel Deel. The Deelriver runs through Crossmolina. Reel is there because of the close relationship we have as a family to traditional Irish music.


We use the best malted barley available in Ireland and hops from all over the world, with everything we endeavour to Buy Local wherever we can.

Flavors you love

Ireland produces the best brewing barley in the world bringing the sweet malt flavour to the beer. We buy hops from the USA, UK, EU and further afield to bring a huge range of flavours to our beers.

beer flavors

what they say about us

Love Jack the Lad and General Humbert, two fantastic beers.

Ciaran Maguire

Met them at the Westport House. Currently addicted to their whiskey brown ale, one of the best beers I've ever had.

Brian DeRhen

Great selection of beers, there's something for everyone. Absolutely love Jack the Lad and the new Mayo Red.

Mary Corrigan

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Our friends

Danilo & Helen Dozio began making Swiss style cows’ milk cheeses in Co. Mayo, where Helen comes from, in 2016, using traditional recipes from the south of Switzerland, where Danilo grew up.  Ancient recipes together with rich cows’ milk from Derek & Mary Richardson’s farm, just minutes away from the dairy, make for unique and truly delicious cheeses.

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The Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. is the result of a dream shared by four men, three Americans and one Irishman, to bring single malt pot still Irish whiskey back to the West of Ireland after an absence of over 100 years. These men share bonds of family and friendship. They also share a respect of heritage and a commitment to Connacht, one of the most natural and unspoiled regions of Ireland.

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We are an artisan chocolate company located in Ballina in County Mayo. We love creating exciting flavours for our chocolates using the fabulous ingredients from the local area. From Connacht Whiskey and Ginger, to Achill Island Sea Salted Caramels, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Perfect for a gift, a special event or just for yourself!

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